Our Mission

Damian Lillard Toyota is a brand new concept in the automotive industry. Our emphasis is on putting “Community First” and to us, that means giving our employees and our customers the best possible experience and using our position in the community to improve the lives of those around us. Lofty goals for a car store? We don’t think do, and here’s why:

  1. We do not refer to our facility as a dealership, it is our campus. We want our customers to come here to learn about Toyota, to have fun with our custom Pop-A-Shot game or ping pong tables, to experience friendly, fun employees who truly care about our brand and our customers.  To have a custom designed “Letter 0” donut, made fresh every day by local bakers. To relax in our covered, outdoor, open-air lounge while you purchase a car or wait for servicing instead of sitting in someone’s stuffy dealership.
  2. We want you to receive the best possible pricing on vehicles without having to endure the typical process that everyone hates. Just because you didn’t grow up haggling with street vendors for a living doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be entitled to the same kind of deal as someone who did. Once you request our best price, you will have it with zero fuss. We know you can’t wait to get your new car and the last thing we want to do is give you an experience that is anything less than fun and exciting.
  3. Our founders, Damian Lillard and Brian Sanders share a passion for giving back. Damian is extremely active in many organizations and is now a Special Olympics Global Ambassador. Brian founded his own nonprofit organization, A Working Family’s Christmas with his wife Heather and they help families all over the Northwest who work hard but lack the funds to provide a holiday meal and gifts for their kids. Together, they will use their connection with Toyota and their place in the community to support even more organizations and have an unparalleled impact in the communities they serve.

Damian Lillard Toyota is raising the bar.  We will provide an experience that is second to none and bring customers from all over the country with our exceptional pricing and our unique elements. We will provide you a fun, non-confrontational experience that is so different, your kids will be harassing you to come back.

From “Dame and B” to you, thank you for the opportunity to assist you and for allowing us the opportunity to give even more back to the Pacific Northwest. We truly appreciate you.

Damian Lillard Toyota is located at: 3142 NE Doran Dr • McMinnville, OR 97128
Damian Lillard Toyota 45.231893, -123.167450.